Vanessa Hernandez

Head of Family Law (QLD)

Head of Family Law – Queensland

Vanessa is our Head of Family Law for Queensland, and has practiced almost exclusively in family law for over 14 years. Vanessa works with clients who are separating, divorced or experiencing domestic violence.

Vanessa is passionate about assisting parties to resolve their matter without the need for Court proceedings however, if court proceedings are required, Vanessa will be heavily involved in the management and strategy of your case to ensure the best results possible.

Vanessa can assist you with your property and/or parenting matters if you are separating. She is able to assist married couples, same sex and de-facto couples as they go through this difficult process. Vanessa is also experienced in matters involving domestic and family violence and can assist you with these delicate issues if they apply to you.

Vanessa is personable and understanding. She provides support to her clients and her experience allows her to give her client’s comprehensive advice so they can be empowered to make decisions for their future.

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