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Our Sydney Eastern Suburbs branch, situated in Double Bay, is overseen by Elise Fordham, our Practice Leader. With a blend of empathy, discretion, and pragmatic, business-oriented guidance, Elise collaborates closely with her clients to ensure they feel secure and empowered at every step. She thrives on the challenge of aiding clients in achieving cost-efficient resolutions to their family law issues, whether through mediation or legal proceedings.

Furthermore, Elise holds a unique distinction as one of the few certified Parenting Coordinators in Australia, having been involved in the field since its emergence in the country around 2016. Her Bachelor of Financial Administration (Accounting) adds invaluable expertise to navigating intricate property settlements.

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Why choose Australian Family Lawyers in Double Bay, NSW?

If you’re facing the complexities of separation or divorce, including issues such as asset distribution, alimony, or child custody arrangements, our compassionate team of family lawyers in Double Bay, located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, is here to assist you at every stage. We prioritise understanding your individual circumstances and tailor our approach to meet your specific requirements. Throughout the legal journey, we ensure that you feel heard, supported, and well-informed. Our dedication lies in providing expert advice, advocating for your rights, and offering unwavering assistance to help you find resolution and peace of mind. Should you need legal guidance in matters of family law, we welcome you to visit our Double Bay office or reach out to us to schedule a consultation.

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Where is the family law court in Double Bay?

Family law matters are generally listed in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) in the Sydney CBD.

The Sydney FCFCOA is located at:
Lionel Bowen Building, 97/99 Goulburn St, Sydney, NSW 2001

With a national team of family lawyers, we are experienced at representing our clients in Courts across Australia.

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