AFL Australian Relationships Report: Love, Marriage, and Divorce in the Modern Nation

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AFL Australian Relationships: Love, Marriage, and Divorce in a Modern Nation Report is truly one of a kind.

Combining the latest census material gathered by the ABS, and the boots-on-the-ground legal perspective of the nations’ largest Family Law Firm, this report covers aspects of Australian life that are important to Australians.

It gives you a unique insight into Australian relationships statistics from family lawyers at the front line who are across the emerging issues of today. It explains the impacts of ending a legally binding relationship, what to expect and helps make sense of the most current ABS data we have at hand right now, from the lawyer’s perspective.  

The relationship statistics, combined with real case experience, gives you a framework to understand the complexities of the Family Law space and its impact on ordinary people.

These topics and more are included in this newly released report.

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