Barry Frakes

Barry Frakes

Head of International Partnerships and Asset Protect

Barry leads our international strategy, leveraging his relationships and global experience to drive our growth as a premier family law firm for international family law matters, and heads our Asset Protect Division. His international focus includes the management of our relationships with partner firms internationally, including Stowe Family Law in the UK. Barry is also the Governor (Asia Pacific Chapter) of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

Barry brings a unique perspective and wealth of experience to his strategic role while also working with clients to achieve the best outcomes. Barry has practiced Family Law since 1985, is an Accredited Specialist and an Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator. He is considered one of the most experienced Mediators in Family Law in Australia today. Barry’s experience covers litigation practice in the Family Court and NSW Local, District and Supreme Courts.

Our clients will benefit from Barry’s extensive experience ‘on both sides of the bar table’. His confidence in the Court room and in negotiation is based on his work as an advocate, his intimate knowledge of the Family Courts’ procedures, and his experience in negotiating fast settlements for hundreds of separating couples.

This experience enables Barry to give accurate advice as to the likely outcome of proceedings in the Family Court. His holistic approach to litigation and dispute resolution enables clients to achieve the best possible settlement in financial and parenting disputes and make a new start in life on the best possible terms.


Recognised as a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.

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