Sue Holgate

Special Counsel

Sue brings extensive expertise across various facets of family law, adeptly representing clients in the Family Court, High Court, and Supreme Court. With a wealth of over 22 years in the field, Sue offers a compassionate, supportive, and results-oriented service. She is dedicated to addressing the emotional and financial needs of her clients with expertise and sensitivity. Sue adopts an empathetic approach, demonstrating clear and practical communication skills while committing to securing the best possible outcomes for her clients.

Driven by a passion for facilitating fair settlements, Sue works with both de facto and married couples, navigating through simple and complex cases alike. Although she has experience representing clients in court, Sue strives to reach settlements through negotiation, aiming to resolve matters before resorting to legal proceedings. Her primary focus is guiding clients through the Family Court process, should it become necessary, with the goal of achieving a favorable outcome when negotiated settlements prove unattainable.

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