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Going through a relationship breakdown can be a challenging time, but know that you don’t have to face it alone.

Our team of family lawyers in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast is here to offer support and guidance every step of the way. We’ll help you navigate the legal paperwork and administration, ensuring the best outcome for you and your loved ones.

Why choose Australian Family Lawyers in Varsity Lakes?

At Australian Family Lawyers we understand that this is a sensitive time for you. Our specialist family lawyers are experts in the field, highly qualified and, most importantly, compassionate. 

Our Gold Coast team is led by Damira Hidic, a specialist who has been practising law in the area since 2003. Her approach is tailored to each individual client, and she knows that for most of her clients, separation will be one of the most challenging times in their lives. 

Her team is conscious of the financial pressures for her clients and approaches each case with empathy and attention to detail. We focus on providing a transparent and approachable environment and our advice comes without any confusing legal jargon. We strive to make sure you understand your options and we understand your goals. 

How to find us

Our team of specialist family lawyers is ready to help you navigate this difficult time with face-to-face consultations at our offices on the corner of William Street and La Trobe. 

You can find our family law office at:

Corporate House
155 Varsity Parade
Varsity Lakes, QLD, 4227

For those coming by car, there is parking at the building and there are plenty of spots in the nearby area as well. If you’re using public transport, our office is a four-minute walk from the Dunlin Drive stop on the 754 route.

What kind of cases do family lawyers handle in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast?

Accredited Family Law Specialist, Principal Lawyer and Practice Leader, Damira Hidic says “It’s not uncommon to get many clients focused on seeking financial empowerment through Binding Financial Agreements [BFAs/prenuptial agreements], or looking to secure stability in their family life with a solid parenting agreement and parenting plan.

We handle everything ranging from property settlements to child custody and child support, as well as ensure a client feels supported with sound and tailored advice if they’re going through a separation or divorce. Varsity Lakes and its surrounding suburbs have a diverse population of family units from de facto relationships to divorced people, so every case is unique.”

Do you have a question about family law or relationship law?

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What are the key differences in QLD family law compared to other states and jurisdictions?

The laws surrounding marriage, divorce and life after separation are all set federally. This means that wherever you get divorced in Australia, you have to go through the same process and are subject to the same rules. 

The key law in this scenario is The Family Law Act (1975) but your case may also touch on:

  • The Marriage Act 1961
  • Child Support (Registration and Collection) Act 1988
  • Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989

How much does a family lawyer cost in Varsity Lakes?

As every family law matter can be very different, it can be difficult to give a definitive estimate of what your legal fees will be. The complexity of your personal circumstances and the willingness of the other party to engage in meaningful negotiations can have a big impact on the work needed to resolve your matter and your overall legal costs. But rest assured, our experienced team will work tirelessly to find the best possible outcome for you and your family.

  • We’ll issue you with a Costs Agreement that sets out ranges of estimates for different stages in your matter. Plus, we’ll regularly keep you updated about your fees so that you always know where you stand.
  • To obtain a fee estimate for your matter, please contact our office. We’ll give you a no-cost, no-obligation phone call to get an understanding of your situation and what services you require. After the free phone call, we’ll invite you to a strategy session where we’ll obtain a deeper understanding of your circumstances and legal needs.
  • Additionally, we’ll explain how and why your legal fees may change over the duration of your family law matter. We’ll communicate your options to you throughout, while ensuring that no corners are cut and that any settlement is in your best interests. 

We’re able to offer payment on settlement arrangements in certain matters using litigation lending options, including a Plenti or Just Fund loan. Call us for more information about these options. 

In what Court are family law matters dealt with in Varsity Lakes?

If your case is going to court, it will take place in the nearest commonwealth law court and it falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. 

The closest commonwealth law court to Varsity Lakes is the Southport Courthouse. You can find this at:

Corner of Davenport and Hinze streets, 
QLD 4215.

Do you have a question about family law or relationship law?

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