Congratulations Lessli Strong – an Outstanding Career in Family Law

Congratulations to Lessli Strong, Principal Lawyer at Australian Family Lawyers in Canberra on her accomplished, career in family law spanning decades. Over this time, she has been a researcher, instructor, lecturer, mentor, and examiner in family law and has represented children in the Family Court, the Federal Circuit Court and in the Children’s Court.

Lessli has been an integral part of our Canberra practice and we have enjoyed a great partnership with Strong Law.

Courtney Mullen, Head of Family Law in ACT commented on Lessli’s strength and experiences.

 “Lessli has been a strong litigation lawyer and advocate for her clients over the past three decades and is known for the ethics of her practice. She has been respectful of the fragility of our clients as well as the other family lawyers she works alongside. She will be missed in the Canberra profession.”

Lessli’s specialisation in family law, domestic violence, and child welfare, her depth of experience and knowledge made her an invaluable member of our team.  Lessli had always been heavily involved in community work and has had a variety of experience in mentoring, volunteering and committee memberships including the Family Law Professionals Association, Women’s Legal Service, Children’s Services Committee and Family Law Committee for the ACT Law Society.

Stace Boardman, Chief Executive Officer at Australian Family Lawyers said it was a pleasure to be part of Lessli’s career. “We wish her health and happiness as she launches into the next exciting phase of life.  We know she will grasp it with the same energy and commitment as she did whilst working within Family Law.  Enjoy Lessli.”

Lessli’s impact upon her clients and us at Australian Family Lawyers will always be valued and remembered. From all of us at Australian Family Lawyers, we would like to thank you for your service and wish you all the best in your retirement Lessli.

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