AF Legals’ latest wave of promotions pave the way forward for a new generation of legal superstars

Australia’s only ASX listed family law firm AF Legal Group Limited (AFL:ASX) has announced its latest round of staff promotions against a backdrop of new initiatives intended to enhance the organisation’s worker-friendly culture.

View the full list of promotions here –
AF Legal Group Promotions – July 2024.


A number of high-achieving legal staff employed under the AF Legal Group umbrella at Australian Family Lawyers, Withnalls, and AFL Kordos have been promoted in line with AFL’s ethos of recognising hard work and excellence in its team.

“As a leading law firm with an established reputation for quality and service, we owe our success to our brilliant team members and we want to ensure that they are rewarded for their ongoing effort and dedication,” says chief executive officer Chris McFadden. “AFL has distinguished itself in many ways in this industry, but nothing is more important than setting ourselves apart as leaders of creating a supportive and remunerative work environment for our valued staff.”

With the majority of its team aged between 25-39, AFL has created a plethora of tailored work policies and entitlements that include:

  • A generous paid parental leave policy that places the group in the top 17% of Australian law firms in terms of parental leave benefits
  • A comprehensive return to work plan for parents to facilitate long-term careers in family law
  • Flexible work arrangements with the ability to move interstate and across offices
  • Industry-leading rewards policy
  • Employee referral bonus policy 
  • Individual professional and personal career development plans
  • Access to annual leadership conferences
  • In-house CPD training 
  • Other essential professional development training programs
  • Professional profile building
  • Access to the latest technology and ‘New Law’ approach

“These promotions represent well deserved recognition for our team members who have delivered strongly in their current roles such that they have been rightfully recognised as being ready for the next step in their legal careers”, says Chris.

“We want to offer the best employment environment in the market to attract and retain valuable staff members. These promotions are pleasingly spread across all levels for our lawyers and similar for our legal support team, evidencing the building depth in our organisation, something which is a strong pointer to future growth and success.”

“We endeavour to provide clear pathways to promotion and a commitment to helping our team members thrive in their roles. It is down to them that we’re able to maintain the exceptional standard of service we give to our clients. The growth of our organisation rests in their hands. That is why we prioritise career progression and opportunity for all our staff members. I wish to extend my congratulations to our newly promoted staff and wish them all the best in their new roles.”


The full list of new promotions are as follows:

Australian Family Lawyers Brisbane
Aaron Wilson – Special Counsel
Josie Farr – Solicitor
Lewis Chatten – Paralegal

Australian Family Lawyers Gold Coast
Naz Pattison –  Associate

Australian Family Lawyers Melbourne
Andrew Andrianakis – Senior Associate
Lauren Biniares – Senior Solicitor
Amber Colbourne – Senior Paralegal
Rachel Seear – Senior Paralegal

Australian Family Lawyers Withnalls
Joseph Cavanagh –  Senior Associate
Mel Parkhouse –  Senior Paralegal

Australian Family Lawyers Joondalup
Jasmine Trewin – Associate
Maddy Bramley – Paralegal

Watts McCray Lawyers NSW
Erika Kingston admission to a Solicitor
Tylah Coskerie to Senior Associate 

Australian Family Lawyers Canberra 
Rebecca Staite admission to a Solicitor


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