What documents should I take to my first meeting with my family lawyer?

You don’t necessarily have to take any documents to the first meeting with your lawyer, as the first appointment is usually to get an overview of your matter and what the main issues may be.  However, it can be very handy to take with you copies of the following types of documents, if you have them:

Children’s matters

  • Parenting plans made at mediation, or other written agreements
  • Any Court Orders or other Court documents
  • Copies of any reports made to the Department of Health and Human Services or any other government agency about the children
  • Family Violence Orders
  • Any other documents regarding the children that you want your lawyer to see

Child support

  • Child Support Assessments
  • Decisions regarding any change of assessment

Property and spousal maintenance

  • A list of all assets and liabilities owned by you and your spouse
  • Market appraisals or valuations of real properties
  • Mortgage statements
  • Superannuation statements for yourself and your spouse
  • Tax Returns for yourself and your spouse
  • Tax Returns and Financial Statements for any companies in which you or your spouse has an interest
  • Payslips
  • Share portfolios
  • For any trust, the Trust Deed
  • Any Financial Agreement, Court Order or other Court documents.

Don’t worry if you can’t obtain the above documents before your meeting.  You will have time after your meeting to obtain any documents your lawyer thinks are relevant.  In property matters both parties have an obligation to provide full, financial disclosure, so your lawyer may need to write to your spouse or their lawyer requesting certain documents if you do not already have copies.

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