The Faculty of Arbitration and Mediation

For the Lawyer – Helping to Unlock a Resolution

You as a lawyer may be a specialist in Family Law or you might be a lawyer whose client is in need of family law advice and help. We can help you and your client.

For the Family Lawyers – What we do for you?

Our objective to support you to help your clients:-

  • Resolving their dispute
  • Doing it quickly
  • Avoiding court
  • Reducing your clients stress
  • Providing a platform for your clients voice by tabling the important issues
  • Securing certainty
  • Finalising once and for all your clients legal conflict
  • Achieving an outcome that allows you to move forward in life.

For Non-Family lawyers – What we do for you?

If you have a client that is in need of family law advice then refer them to us and we will:-

  • Work with you and the client to create a pathway to a solution
  • Provide holistic care and support through our networks
  • Engage with you in legal aspects we do not undertaken to help finalise all the issues
  • Return you client to you better for the experience of having us support them

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