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Who we are

The Faculty of Arbitration and Mediation (FAM) is the creation of Australia’s leading family lawyers to assist Australians in the equitable and timely resolution of their relationship issues and disputes.

The FAM is the joint enterprise of Australia’s largest quality family law firms that have combined their knowledge and expertise to support clients and lawyers to resolve family law disputes. The merger of Australian Family Lawyers and Watts McCray brings a new dimension to Family Law in Australia to create the largest specialised family law firm to provide and coordinate this service for the benefit of all Australians.

Who we help

We offer our services to legal colleagues and their family law clients and support agencies.

Our mission

It is simple. We empower you by bringing your family law or relationship dispute to an end quickly, fairly, with your input and that of your lawyer, to save you legal fees and most importantly allow you and your family to move on with your lives.

Our point of difference

The Faculty of Arbitration and Mediation provides family law parties and their lawyers with:

  • Nations leading lawyers certified in resolving your dispute
  • Quick outcomes
  • Cost effective – at an agreed price
  • Arbitration decisions in 28 days
  • Substantive reasons
  • Quality outcomes
  • Flexible meetings – being anywhere, anytime
  • Empowerment of choice and decisions
  • Seamless booking and administration through a Centralised hub
  • National consistency
  • Peer support in mediations for clients in set circumstances
  • No fall over fees if cancelled a day before

We harmonise all these strengths to support you and your clients to achieve their desired outcomes.

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