Brent Astle


Walls Bridges Lawyers

Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice

Brent completed his Bachelor of Laws with Deakin University in 2016, and then went on to complete his Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice at the College of Law in 2017. Brent was then admitted to practice as a lawyer and commenced his role as a solicitor at a local suburban practice until he joined Australian Family Lawyers in early 2018.

Brent has previously volunteered at Victoria Legal Aid as part of the family law assistance program, working predominantly in family violence situations. Prior to that he was employed as a clerk, assisting lawyers in family law disputes.

Practising in family law has been a goal of his since university, and he strives to help families that are in a position where they need legal assistance.

Outside of the office Brent enjoys tennis, snowboarding and reading.

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